This course is based on module 1 of ECREEE curriculum for solar installers. Having completed the course, the student should have knowledge on standards and guides for solar PV systems, risks related to people and equipment, and the protection of people and equipment during installations. In other words, this module aims at working safely with solar photovoltaic systems. At the end of the module the installer will be able to:

  1. Maintain safe and appropriate work habits ;
  2. Demonstrate safe and proper use of the necessary tools and equipment;
  3. Adequately ensure safe and accepted practices for the protection of the personnel and property;
  4. Have knowledge related to health, safety and prevention risks;
  5. Apply appropriate codes and standards for the installation, operation, safety and maintenance of PV systems and equipment;
  6. Identify safety risks to persons and property associated with PV installations;
  7. Have the ability to administer first aid in case of accidents.